Odva Terms Of Usage Agreement

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11. The right to create, use or sell product or system implementation on the basis of specifications is granted only under a separate licence, pursuant to a user agreement or other agreement. ODVA`s terms of use are available at standard rates via the Internet at www.odva.org. NOTE: Since the technologies described in the specifications can be applied in many different situations and in relation to the products and systems of several manufacturers, the user and those responsible for defining these technologies must determine for themselves their suitability for the intended use. The user should always check the login requirements to and from other devices and confirm the installation and maintenance requirements for each application. ODVA announced today that it has entered into separate agreements to further integrate FDT and FDI technologies into EtherNet/IP. Other device descriptions on the next generation of XDS for CIP devices are also progressing. 2. You cannot transfer the specifications to third parties. You cannot change or translate the specifications in whole or in part. You cannot rent, sell, rent, sublicensing, copy, copy, disclose, display or make the specifications or copies of these specifications available to third parties, unless this is clearly intended. You cannot store specifications on servers, computers or devices that can access people who, under this agreement, are not allowed to access and use the specifications. Except in a usage agreement between you and ODVA, you cannot use the specifications or their parts to (i) produce, manufacture, sell, sell, sell, sell or (ii) testing services to third parties based on specifications.

Any violation of the above terms will immediately cancel your license under this Agreement. 10. This agreement defines the comprehensive agreement between you and ODVA on the licensing of specifications and completely replaces all written or oral agreements that previously existed between the parties on this subject. If a provision of this agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable, this provision is amended to the extent necessary to control disability or inapplicability, and the rest of that agreement remains fully in force and effective.

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