Collective Agreement Cupe 402

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CUPE will support you by working with the local union and helping you start negotiations with the employer to get your first agreement. “Our 650,000 members across the country warmly welcome RCMP telecom operators and intercept monitor analysts in the CUPE family. Congratulations! You have worked very hard to create your own union and CUPE will continue to proudly defend your interests,” said Mark Hancock, CUPE National President. Once your restaurant is set up and the negotiations are over, we will go to the table and fight to improve your working conditions with all the collective strength of CUPE. The union will support the application of the collective agreement using the mechanisms provided for in the collective agreement (e.g. B the complaint). The Labour Board will review the cards to ensure that more than 45% are represented and will order a voting date within five working days. All cards are confidential and the employer will never know who signed a card. Our goal for each campaign is 60 percent of the cards signed for each workplace. The organizing team of the Union of Canadian Public Employees will work with the union that represents each municipality to form an internal organizing committee. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at (email here) RCMP telecom operators and interceptor analysts voted for CUPE, according to the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board (FSLREB).

The results of the representation vote have not been announced, but the FPSLREB expects to officially certify CUPE in mid-March. The new bargaining unit has nearly 1300 members. Currently, many municipalities employ fitness professionals and cultural professionals who are not included in the collective agreement. Among these workers are those who teach in and public centres, leisure centres and municipal museums. . . .

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