Mass Change Scheduling Agreement Sap

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Although the SAP standard provides a transaction for massive changes, it is very complicated and only covers a portion of document types. Changes to the content of SD delivery plans and individual contracts have to be done partly manually, which is time-consuming and prone to errors. The use of SPEEDI Mass Update for distribution supporting documents is recommended. The solution simplifies and streamlines support for changes to SD delivery plans and individual contracts as well as offers and contracts that can be executed in a single programming cycle if needed, saving additional time and money. We schedule some developments for certain areas with calls to ME32L transactions, usually copying (modified) data from suppliers, for example. B terms of payment and delivery. As I predicted, SAP responded to my OSS message that excluding appointments from mass maintenance was intentional. I also need a mass maintenance of the delivery plans. I haven`t found a standard way to do it. Please let me know if you find a solution. We need steps and how to use the mass transaction for the delivery plan. We have a delivery plan of 400 lines that we need to update.

Click the Fields tab and check whether or not the field you want to edit exists, or yes, select that you click Run and specify the document numbers, and then specify the values to be. The number of editable fields is determined by customization. In addition, you can use SAP permissions to define which fields an end user can edit. We are on 46C and SAP prevents the maintenance of appointment contracts with MASS and the object BUS2012. In a second tab, the fields are entered via the F4 Help function, the content of which must be modified at the same time as the current information. The new value can be saved directly there if the SAP base data is not yet available or if the current base data is used from the SAP hardware or the customer`s base data. The SPEEDI solution can also create a list displaying old and new values for each field. The user interface of SPEEDI Mass Update for Sales Documents consists of two tabs. On a selection image, you can limit the supporting documents of the SD delivery plans and the different orders affected by a change. The selected documents are clearly displayed in an ALV list. If an update has not been updated, you can choose from the list which documents should be modified and which documents should not be modified.

Over the years, suppliers often provide customers with regular sub-quantities of similar products or components. In the SAP environment, the SD delivery plan is typically used for this process. Experience shows that some parameters change over a long period of time – the unloading point, the person in charge – and usually the same for several delivery plans. In SAP ERP, each SD delivery plan must be processed manually, and perhaps even individual orders affected by these changes. Trail 2Logistics → materials industry→ Foreign trade/Customs → Foreign trade → Environment → Purchasing – Import → purchase → framework contract → delivery plan → mass maintenance. . . .

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