Rental Agreement Early Termination Fee

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If the rental agreement has started and a tenant decides to leave prematurely, it is likely that the lessor will bear costs for the establishment of the second lease, including the second tenant`s tracing commission, and will attempt to recover them from the outgoing tenant`s deposit. Each lease agreement should include an early termination clause. This is your chance to define the procedure and fees if a tenant decides to break the lease. Many early termination clauses include an early termination fee. However, you don`t need to have the option to pay a fee – you can simply demand that they pay rent until you find a replacement tenant. If you don`t have an early termination clause in the lease, the law requires the tenant to cover your losses until you find someone new. However, it helps to spell everything in the lease. A tenant who signs the lease must be aware that it is generally mandatory and that there is no “cooling-off period” if he then decides not to move in. The tenant must always request to terminate the lease prematurely and may be responsible for appropriate relocation costs. The agent/owner must always provide the same supporting documents above. If that sounds like a lot of money, remember that paying a fee for early termination isn`t the only way to get out of a rental agreement prematurely. You have other options, including subletting or leasing.

Owners are not required to set a tax for early termination. You can require the tenant to pay the rent until you have replaced it with a qualified tenant. Your national law also provides for a minimum obligation for tenants if your rental agreement does not contain a termination clause. Something so important doesn`t hurt to repeat in the lease. Even if a landlord is able to find a new tenant, you may not be out of the woods yet. If the new tenant`s monthly rent is lower than your old rent, you may be responsible for paying the difference until the end of your original lease. In many countries, a landlord is required to look for a new tenant as soon as the current tenant informs them that they want to break the lease. Often, the landlord will ask the current tenant to do their own search for a replacement.

Thanks to sites like and Craigslist, it`s easier than ever to find a replacement tenant. If tenants and landlords cannot find a replacement, the tenant is still legally required to pay the rent. If the landlord is able to rent the unit back to a new tenant, the old tenant is out of business. However, if the lessor has to rent the unit again at a lower rental price (as mentioned above), the former tenant must pay the difference in costs. Work with your lawyer to develop a strong clause on early termination of the lease. Some points you can address are listed below: Whether members have the legal right to break a rental agreement due to the service. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act allows people from all armed forces to break their lease. These include the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Guard, and U.S. Public Health. Divorce/illness: Just like a job loss, divorce, or serious illness can greatly affect your tenants` finances….

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