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The Lyft Platform may be used by you to request and schedule transportation, goods, or other services with third parties, but you agree that Lyft assumes no liability to you with respect to transportation, goods, or other services provided by third parties, except in this Agreement. Some jurisdictions may not allow the exclusion or limitation of certain damages. If these laws apply to you, some or all of the above exclusions of liability may not apply to you, and you may have additional rights. Within 30 days of signing the new agreement, you can send an email with the intention of rejecting this arbitration clause or send a letter. Otherwise, you`re locked up! To retain your legal right to sue Uber as an individual or as a class member, you must unsubscribe from mandatory arbitration. As you can clearly see at the beginning of the second page of Uber`s agreement, it says, “You are not subject to retaliation if you exercise your right to unsubscribe from this arbitration clause.” Many of you may agree with Uber`s idea that it`s a technology platform, that they only bring together the driver and passenger to create a transaction. However, the argument that Uber is not involved in the transportation services industry has not proven itself in the U.S. court system for more than five years. If Uber thought it was going to go to court, why did it create a $90 million fund to fight AB5 alongside Lyft and Doordash? Page 1, “You acknowledge that the Company is a technology service provider that does not provide transportation services.” As a driver on the Lyft Platform, you acknowledge and agree that you and Lyft are in a direct business relationship and that the relationship between the parties under this Agreement is exclusively the independent parties. You and Lyft fully agree that this is not an employment contract and that there is no employment relationship between you and Lyft; and (2) no joint venture, franchised franchisee, partnership or agency relationship is contemplated or created by this Agreement. You do not have the authority to retain Lyft and you agree not to assert yourself as an employee, representative or authorized representative of Lyft. Except as expressly stated below, all disputes and claims between us (a “claim” and, together, “claims”) are settled exclusively by binding arbitration between you and Lyft.

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