University Of Washington Articulation Agreement

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The Office of Admissions Transfer-Credit awards students who wish to obtain a first bachelor`s degree, in accordance with the guidelines we are debating. Admissions reserves the right to accept or refuse credits acquired at other higher education institutions. As a general rule, it is the university`s policy to accept credits obtained from institutions fully accredited by its Regional Association for the Accreditation of Colleges and Universities, provided that these credits have been obtained through university-level courses corresponding to the university track of the University of Washington (UW). Exceptions are indicated within the notable limits for transfer credits and courses that do not receive credit. University credits taken outside the United States in a school recognized by the Department of Education are evaluated differently: no more than one year of transfer credit is granted for one year of study. University and university credits outside the United States typically receive a maximum of 45 quarterly credits for each full year. Semi-annual credits outside the U.S. cannot be calculated in the same way as U.S. semi-annual credits. Seattle colleges have partnerships and transfer agreements with the four-year institutions listed below and are constantly developing new ones. You will find the most accurate list of all transfer contracts in the advice and transfer centres.

Acquiring a DTA Associate Degree does not guarantee admission to UW Bothell. A qualifying DTA Associate Degree is generally defined as the degree awarded by a Community College to students who have completed a transfer program that meets most of the educational requirements for a bachelor`s degree in Washington State. Approved DTA programs follow specific guidelines set by the Intercollege Relations Commission (ICRC), a commission of the Washington Council. . . .

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